i kinda wanna go by cimorene :O 

actually just these names ive been turning around in my head

  • cimorene
  • saphira
  • firozi 
  • yasmeen 
  • celeste
  • andromeda/ariadne/selene/calypso
  • i cant tell the fdifference between names i want and names i like. Ffufuf

does anyone get that disappointed feel about cis ppl. its like bro theres no excuse anymore. join this club. its so easy. please

OMG i forgot this blog exist. thank god for it

and then i suddenly have conflicting emotions about wanting a binder myself. What to heck 

there are some things i take, so personally, like, gbhgbhfghf

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im so uncomfortable at school because i have not one person there who knows im not cishet, so like, i can FEEL being thought of as a girl in other ppls minds like its stressful, im glad i cut my hair at least so that people might not have the same stereotypical str8 girl image of me in their head but still i just feel rly uncomfortable and kind of freaked out about it. ffff

what is happnging. ahughhhh im feeling a little weird right now, again with this whole need to explain my complete and utter detachment from my body but thats such a long talk i jsut

good bye im so agender right now it hurts. like maybe im not ur type of agender but doesnt change the fact im hecka agender. sadaf agender



wow ,omg sdds , oh my goshhhhh i have been thinking this all day but, i look good AND i can still look fairly androgynous if i want to, wow, omg :’)